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Directing for Film & TV

HD Video/8 mins
A couple are forced to hide in the closet when they hear noises in the house.
Written by Nicole Avenia, directed by Jonathan Salisbury for Intruder Movies

The Lion, the Dragon & the Lanterns
Mini DV/10mins
Community groups create a performance for Chinese New Year.
Produced and directed by Jonathan Salisbury
Snuffles Meets the Finch (2003)
Mini DV/5mins
Snuffles, a friendly bear, wakes to hear strange noises in the house.
Written, directed and produced by Jonathan Salisbury
The Boys from Out of Town (1997)
Super 16mm /10mins
Three young hopefuls try to rob their local bank with disastrous results.
Written by Scott Norveil &
Produced by Scott Norveil for Rubber Films
Directed by Jonathan Salisbury